Monday, September 5, 2011

Purple Reigns

I believe potatoes are not getting their just due. People often shun these tubers when they are dieting and they should not. What they need to shun is the butter, sour cream and chips. But potatoes should be a part of any healthy diet. Especially purple ones.

Yes, purple potatoes. Peruvian purple potatoes to be exact. Peru is the world's potato capital. Peruvian potatoes dates back to the Incan empire. The diversity of tubers in Peru is unprecedented, with the purple potatoes reigning supreme.

A recent study has shown that purple potatoes has a high concentration of antioxidants, which protects your body from molecules called “free radicals” that can damage healthy cells. One potato has only 110 calories, sans the butter and sour cream. And, they taste great mashed, baked or broiled. No frying allowed for nutritional benefits. Sorry, but those are the rules.

September is National Potato Month

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