Saturday, June 4, 2011

Parfait Perfection

What makes a meal or dessert perfect? Is it the taste or the preparation? I have often asked this question. To have both would make the dish a winner. Well then, consider parfait the winner.

As summer slowly falls upon us, so does the need and want of tasty easy food prep. Ice cream is the first choice for summer time treats. A parfait (a French word which means perfect) is most likely the best example of an ice cream dish. Layers of ice cream, fruit and whipped cream. It is the perfect summer treat, easy and delicious.

But not all parfaits are desserts. Many restaurants are now serving savory parfaits. Layers of meat, gravy and potatoes. This too is perfect. Sweet or savory the parfait reigns supreme when it comes to prep and taste.

June 25 is National Strawberry Parfait Day

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