Monday, January 4, 2010


As the new year unfolds I find myself reflecting on a question so many people ask me, “why do like cooking and food so much?” The answer is twofold, an endless discovery of food to explore and the deep connection shared with others over meals.

I enjoy food first for the endless possibilities. The cultures and taste are mind boggling. I love exploring and learning about the vast array of food from around the world. I may not always like what I tasted but I can say that I have tried it and now know what to avoid or what to try again.

At the heart of all food is of course the celebration and connection shared with others. Food is the center of all celebrations. Sure the balloons look great but the cake was awesome.

So, as the wind howls outside my window this January morning I plan to curl up with a few cookbooks and a bowl of soup. I will make plans for my next culinary discovery and celebration with friends and family.

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