Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Farmers' Markets

The official start of summer is fast approaching and nothing says summer like farmers' markets.

The first American farmers' markets were modeled after the ones in Europe. Farmers came to town with loaded wagons and sold their produce to city folk. Tables, stands, baskets, bushels and umbrellas were displayed and direct sales to the people became a weekly event.

The first market in US history was in 1634 in the English colonies in Boston under Governor John Winthrop. Twenty eight years later the city built a permanent wooden building. One of the best planned markets in the colonies was in Philadelphia. William Penn's city plan included a market along High Street. It was later renamed Market Street and is still one of the principal locations for business and commerce in Philadelphia.

Throughout the country, in both small and large cities, you can find and enjoy farmers' markets. They are worth searching out and experiencing summers bounty and a bit of history.

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