Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sorrel, a Glimpse of Spring

Ah, March and spring is at our doorstep with all of its color and green bounty awaiting our welcome. It may still be a bit cold and windy but the promise of spring is ours.

One of my favorite spring plants/food is sorrel. It grows back every spring in my small garden box. In fact, some winters, if it is mild, it is still available for picking.

The unique taste of sorrel is like no other. It has a lemony bitter tang that burst with every bite. Sorrel is a very popular herb in France. It is used in sauces, soups, salads, drinks and eggs. It is rich in vitamin A, B1, C and potassium. Sorrel will grow throughout the summer and add flavor to many dishes. Create a space for sorrel in your garden you will not be disappointed.

Online sources for sorrel seeds:

Sorrel Omelette
The tang from the sorrel and creamy feta are delightful in this omelette.

10 sorrel leaves, stems removed
2 teaspoons butter, divided
2 eggs
1 tablespoon water
salt and pepper to taste

Cut sorrel leaves into thin strips. Saute in pan with 1 teaspoon of butter until leaves have wilted and turned dark green. Remove pan from heat.

Beat eggs, water, salt and pepper lightly, then stir in sorrel. Melt remaining butter in omelette pan. Add eggs when butter hot and bubbling. Give pan a good shake and left edges with spatula. When eggs are cooked, fold 1/3 of eggs over and then the other 1/3 over. Side omelette onto a plate and enjoy.

Yield: one serving

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